Diwali is festival of lights . doctors warn the patients suffering from lungs & heart diseas, hypertension etc  we should burn the crackers 2 the limits . lot ofcrackers lead 2 air & sound pollution  .We get many diseases .if crackers  bursts on our face or somewhere else we again fall ill &many people use it in a wrong way like throwing on someone  etc   many people waste the crores  money 4 happiness  instead of it we can donate to orphans or poor & it leads 2 global warning , lots of garbage , babies pregnant women &old people r effected ,animals get scared, etc

save money safe poor & orphans lives 
keep calm&say no 2 crackers 
save environmental save lives 
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People should say no to crackers because this only not create pollution but it is also harmful for health of people. generally in the festival we think that the only the way to enjoy or show to happiness to burn crackers but we can join our hands together so that we can reduce the use of crackers without crackers also we can enjoy Diwali reports says one Diwali night pollutes a city as much as it gets polluted in whole year by burning crackers we are emitting poisonous gases like so2 co2 and co and eventually we will be inhaling these gases which will serious disease and problems to our health

so in Diwali say no to crackers and enjoy your Diwali simply