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Yes mahatma gandhiji is undoubtedly the Father of our nation
he was the epitome of self sacrice, peace and ahimsa
he wasa selfless person with real concern for his fellow country men
his way of clothing himself itself is a proof of his simplicity and character
He was so concerned that in every indian's house there is no hunger
he also led many movements for the freedom of our nation
Mahatma Gandhi is FATHER OF NATION. The reason for saying this, is that he was the first Indian who had done something for the foreign people(African). He understand the major problem of our country. Though many people fought for the freedom struggle earlier than him, but still he was the first who fought for the country with involuntary methods and perhaps he was oldest of all the freedom fighters of that period. Thus all the people looked upon him as their guide(like a child before taking a step looks for the guidance of his/her, parents/father). Hence he is known as father of nation.