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Private Quelch is a character from the lesson " The Man Who knew Too Moch " . Private Quelch is a man who always exhibit his knowledge at public. His character irritates and infuriates his colleagues and superior officers . He was lanky, stooping and frowning through horn-rimmed spectacles . He was called as 'professor' by everyone because he used to teach others and those who had any doubts on any subjects would loose them after having a five minutes conversation with him . His greatest ambition in the army was to get a commission . He worked had day and night to fullfil it. He always tried to impress his instructors and senior officers by his knowledge , promptness and smartness.
Private QuelchProtagonist from the short story - ‘The man who knew too much’ by Alexander Baron Private Quelch was a trainee in the army. He was lanky, looked frowning wearing strange horn-rimmed spectacles. He was a store house of knowledge. He was a hard wording soldeir and his physical ability and enthusiam was exhausted even after a walk of30 miles. His character had a diferent side too. He had a habit of showing off his knowledgen proving superior in knowledge to everyone. He did not hesitate in inturrupting his officers betwen thier lectures and he was so insensitive that he did not realise that other person do no feel offended and humiliated. His over enthusiastic nature won criticism from everybody and his officers and colleagues disliked him mostly.
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