Some incident of our life are not being able to slip from our mind.
         It was a month of December,sunday,I was returning from my friend"s birthday party when  i was in the street i saw a big n beautiful house.There I saw a man standing below the house and I didn"t like his attitude when suddenly the man was entering the house so i was following the man I hide behind the main door and see trying to saw what the man wanted to do then i saw that the man was a thief and he was trying to stolen something from the house and I was shocked then the thief was slipped in the carpet and by his push a flower vas was fallen and broken a loud noice was heard and all people of that house  was awake and able to catch the thief and they call the police then the thief tell he was not a thief he by mistake entered in the house but he not saw me.Then I come and tell the entire story and i was a victim of that case this was a amazing expierence of my life.
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It it on 19 august i was in opticalls shop then out side their was rush i went out then police was also there itself then suddenly i saw a man who was entering into 1 building so i was looking at him n i followed him then i saw that he is stoling every thing from that house then i shouted other people has came n police also had came n took the theif away
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