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Modern society will develp economic conditions in our country. Modern society will help to bring a change in society.Modern society is incredibly technical, fast-paced, and very different from many years ago. Technology is without a doubt helpful to society as a whole, think medicine and having research at our fingertips; however, it can be challenging for those that are from a time where technology was practically non-existent to accept. In recent years technology has taken over as a necessity, when in reality our ancestors survived without it. Technology is making it easier for people that are incapable of reading, writing, or thinking critically because it can be done for them. For others, mainly those without disabilities, it is easier to just google information one needs as opposed to thinking about it and coming up with a logical solution, or asking others for their input first. So I want my society to be modern for future also because it wipo help for development of a country.
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Modern society is group living living together happily.. it is great in finance .. all people are happy but people are becoming selfish too. all the people think of their and all of them only want live  better life than others .some people decieve others then some kill others corruption is increasing . daily news is there people gangraped a 5 yrs girl .. but not all are like that some are very kind helpful they help others ..and they have their self respect their self esteem . many people believe in helping other many hink that 'bhalai ka jamana hi nahi raha' but thats not true their are still many people who help others .. but to see the world we only have to change our view 
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