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Not possible as number of blank is odd and the number to be filled is also odd and we know that odd times odd is odd number and 30 is an even number, so not possible

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This question is a bit hard ....... Most people try this and give up. Or they say that it is impossible (which it is) to form a sum of 30 from 3 odd numbers. They show that three odd numbers will always sum to an odd number, so you can't make a sum of 30. odd + odd + odd (odd + odd) + odd = even + odd = odd The trick to this puzzle is in the wording. Since the numerals are on pieces of paper, you can flip them around. In particular, you can pick the '9', flip it around and make it a '6'. Then you can easily create a valid equation. Answer: 6 + 11 + 13 = 30
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