Hello i m Anandita from Bhubaneshwar. I m sitting in front of our local MLA.

Me: Hello sir how r u and how is ur party feeling? After all ur party has won the election. 

MLA:  I m gud and how about u? We r quite happy after our party has won the election.

Me: Do u hv any message to give to the ppl who voted for u.

MLA: I m thankful to those ppl who helped.
I, Himangi Nagar visited the MLA office to meet our local MLA Shree Praveen Prakash. I had an appointement already and I reached on time. There I asked him few questions-
1 Sir, what are the things you are going to do for the city?
He said that he would raise the issue of problems affecting the city majorly.

2. Sir, you said that you would bring advanced technology which will be helpful for generating fertilisers from garbage. Has the idea reached on any stage to success?
In the answer of this question he said that he would do something recently but right now he cannot say anything. 

3. What message you want to give to your supporters who choosed you?
He said he just wants to thank them all and ensures them that they have choosed the right representative. 

I asked some more fine questions which he answered very sportingly. I had a great experience while taking the interview of our local MLA.