1. Reported speech wen u tell somebody else wht u or a person said before.

2. Distinction must be made between direct and reported speech.

3. Reported speech is other wise known as indirect speech. 

Now let me give u a few examples by changing direct speech into reported speech (indirect speech)

Direct speech: She says "I like tuna fish"

Now lets change this into reported speech

Reported speech( Indirect speech): She says dat she likes tuna fish.

Let's see another example.

Direct speech: She said "I m visiting Paris nxt weekend".

Try solving this urself but if u can't find the answer... The answer's just below.

Reported speech( Indirect speech): She said dat she was visiting Paris the following weekend.

Hope dis helps u.

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Reported speech is telling some one what u said before or had done before ...... "I cleaned the carpets aid ravi to ram ... Ravi told ram that he had cleaned the carpet