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Krishnadevraya was emperor of vijaynagara empire. the political condition was very good there.first he fought with muslims to capture raichur . next he fought with  ummattur . then he conquered sivasamudram.. his next attention was orrisa he fought against orrisa .. then he capture uddayagiri . he launched second attack against orrisa then oriyas surrendered .. his third campaign was to conquer bezwada he captureda nd won there also .. then fourth was for vengi he won .
and last fifth was againt cuttack..he won and at the end the territories he won were given to orrisa ruler by him  ...
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Krishnadevaraya was the emperor of Vijayanagara from 1509-1529.During his rule South India was in great prosper.He was an excellent administrator.He had friendly relationship with the Portugese and with the help of them he had expanded the overseas trade of the empire.He helped the Portugese to capture Goa.He had buit 2 new suburbs in the capital and called it Nagalapura and thirumala deviyarapattana.His empire was divided into mandalas,nadus and seeme.He used to survey the whole empire for tax collection.
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