Letters are a gud way of keeping touch wid ppl. At one time dey were the main means of communication. Now we hv telephone, mobile phone and the Internet. Letters r still an important means to communicate.

Keep the following in mind while while writing a letter:

1. Ur address at the top right- hand side.

2. Date below ur address.

3. Name of the person u r writing the letter to

4. Address of the person on the envelope 

5. Write ur name at the bottom right- hand side

6. If u r writing to a frnd, u address by writing Dear---------

7. If u r writing to an elder, u write Dear mummy/ uncle, or whatever the relationship may be

8. Start writing a letter away from the margin and in paragraph form

For example:

Dear Maria, 

I was happy to receive the letter.

9. U can end the letter in many ways, depending on who u r writing to. For example: Your loving niece, your lovingly/ affectionately.

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January 7, 2013

To Lawrence Wells, Manager at Windows Unlimited,

On January 5, I purchased blinds for my home and asked to have them installed the next day. I was willing to pay the additional cost and was told the installer would be by to install them in the morning. When he came with my blinds, I was very upset to find that not only were they a different color than what I had ordered, but one of them was ripped.

I was looking forward to having the beautiful blinds I had picked out installed
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A informal letter is which is being written to our close relatives. When we talk to our close ones we do no "formality" so you can say it is informal.

Address of the

Date - 

The name of whom you want to send (i.e.- Dear father,) , 
                                                                                 Every thing you want to say comes in the main portion. The thing you write here can be also termed as "matter". After writing this you should convey the feeling to other members of your family.

Please convey my regards to My Mother (this line is shows the respect to your elder ones)
Please give my love to younger brother/sister (this line shows your love so it is used for younger ones of same as you)

Your loving one,
your name

An example -
Write a letter to your father for sending you money to pay your school fees and telling him about your upcoming half yearly exam.

Chandra Nagar, Bhopal


Dear Father,
                 I am good here and hope the same for you. I have to give my school fees till 1-03-2015. So please send the suitable amount. 
Also I want to tell you that my half-yearly exams are near and I am doing really hard because this time also I wish to hold a rank as I holded in the FA 1 exam. Well with my hard work I want your blessings and of my family. 
Please reply. Rest is ok!

Please convey my regards to my mother.
Please give my love to younger brother Gaurav

Your loving daughter,
Shreyashi Parwal

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