Policeman - Yes ma'am how may I help you? Is it a theft, kidnap or murder? Lady(Mrs. Den) - Yes sir, it is a theft. I was walking along the rode, wearing a heavy gold chain costing more than 50K. When I stopped to look at a magazine shop on the rode, a man ran up to me, pulled the chain off my neck and jumped on to the bike waiting for him. Please Commissioner, help me, it was a very expensive chain. Policeman - Okay ma'am, we will look into the matter. You will hopefully get back your chain within next to next week, and the thief will also suffer in jail for 3 months. You may leave now madam, we will keep you updated on the chain. Mrs.Den - Thank you sir, thank you, i am not sure how to express my pleasure. Accept this token of gratitude sir. Thank you, thank you.