Good morning today i am giving a speech on importance of cleanliness in our lives.My speech goes like this -

Cleanliness adds charm to life. Even the greatest lover of children is more likely to pick up a comparatively clean child to hug it with love and affection.
It is true that a mother loves her child in whatever form and shape it might be. But an outside observer is not that blinded with love like the mother has reservation and choice.
Cleanliness is essential for good health. It is in the unclean milieu and atmosphere that all the disease causing bacteria. mosquitoes and flies flourish. Hence, we must take all pains to keep our body, clothes, houses and surroundings neat and clean. Children should be given lessons in cleanliness from the very beginning. They should be taught body hygiene. They should be asked to have a bath daily and to change their clothes daily and put on clean, well washed only. They must brush their teeth regularly. They should wash their hands before eating and take only clean food and pure water.
        At school, the children should be made to sit on properly cleaned chairs and benches.The elders should act as role models for children. They 'should themselves observe all the necessary rules regarding cleanliness. At higher levels the municipalities should be pressed to get the streets swept and drains cleaned regularly.

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Cleanliness is the most important. If we are not clean, then many diaseses enter in our body. Now a days swine flu is the common dieases. We should keep our body clean.not only body even our surroundings also. We should cut our nails in a week, we should wear neat and clean clothes. Before eating fruits we should wash them. If we will take care of out body and surrounding so no dieases can come in our body. SO, AT LAST I WANT TO SAY THAT CLEANLINESS IS THE IMPORTANT IN OUR LIFE.
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