In my class 5th i had a best friend of mine we are made for each other whatever we did we did together in anything one if we were fighting then also weused to laugh and become friends again one sudden day while we were in 6th she left the school unfortunately i didnt no for what reason she had left the school i became so depressed that i was failed in one exam in 9th while i was going to my    tutions i saw the same girl i remembered her because she had worn the watch that i had gifted her i was so happy and she said me all that had happened in the past few years 
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Dear diary,                                                           12 march 2015  monday 5 pm                       i yesterday i met one of my friend xxxx after many years am meeting her she was totally changed ,we both enjoyed so much that i remeberd my old days we eat, played , laughed, cit chated , i was soo happy cant tell you , she was one of my favarate girl , good ,kind , humourous, she use to care for me soo much,we shared our feelings each other, after few hours she left me i was littlebit upset so she said she is going to call me and chat with me in email                                                                                                                sign ,                                                                                                                                     Wk 
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