Suggest an experiment to check the pressure of atmosphere on mars explain the role of atmosphere in the climate of planet

hey! I think dis is frm otba science it?
I can just tell u the activity and the answer of the second part is given in NCERT...will that be okay?



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The  blanket that covers the surface of Mars is called it's atmosphere.Atmosphere exerts its pressure all the time.T his is called atmospheric pressure.
Experiment to check the pressure of atmosphere on Mars
Take a syringe having no needle and put its end beaker containing water.Now,pull the plunger and then  water rises into the syringe due to the difference in the pressure of air inside and outside the syringe.When we pull the plunger,the pressure inside the syringe decreases while atmospheric pressure remains same.Thus, water rising in the syringe proves the presence of atmospheric pressure.
The atmosphere has an important role in determining the climate of a planet.
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