Use an apostrophe to show possession:
1. the song of the bird
2. the heel of Achilles
3. the dress of the baby
4. the bungalow of the principal
5. the gift for Mala
6. the birthday of my friend
7. the tails of the foxes
8. the dresses of the babies
9. a film for children
10. the cries of the women
11. the uniforms of the drivers
12. the helmets of the firemen
Make the following plural:
1. the deer's horns
2. the cow's tail
3. the child's tears
4. the lady's shoes
5. the carpenter's tools
6. the student's essay
Rewrite the following making use of the apostrophe:
1. the toys belonging to the children
2. the shop kept by the chemist
3. the food meant for the puppies
4. the tailor making dresses for the ladies
5. the school meant for the boys
6. the church named after St. Peter



1) a bird's song
2) the Achilles' heels
3) the baby's dress
4) the principal's bungalow
5) Mala's gift
6) my friend's birthday
7) the foxes' tails
8) the babies' dresses
9) the children's film
10) the women's cries
11)the driver's uniforms
12) the firemen's helmets

1) the deer's horns
2) the cows' tails
3) the children's tears
4) the ladies' shoes
5) the carpenters' tools
6) the students' essays


1) the children's toys
2) the chemist's shop
3) the puppies' food
4) the ladies' dress
5) the  the boys' school
6) the St. peter's church