DT: What inspired you to get into politics? Were you interested in politics? How did you get into politics?

MLA: As a matter of fact, nothing inspired me, I rather say, it was change of time, situation, and circumstances that made me part of this political scenario. In the year 1986, when Gorkhaland Agitation started, I actively participated in the activities. In 1987, I joined the College politics under the banner of GNSF (Gorkha National Student Front). I was elected for the first time and that was the first and last Students Union in history of St. Joseph’s College administration. In the year 1988, I was arrested under the various Act of Indian Panel Codes. After that I joined the University and passed out in the year 1994 and started my practice specializing in Criminal Laws. I was very imminent debater in the University and represented the University in National Level and stood Second in Banaras Hindu University. This is how my interest towards how to speak or interact with public that came into being.

In the year 2004 during the Municipality Election, I got the Ticket from ward no. 18, I was elected with highest no. of votes, it’s a record in West Bengal, I won by 99 per cent of votes. And I actively participated in Social and Political measures. This year I got the ticket for MLA and I won convincingly, this is the way, its not that I always desired to be a politician, so, it is a question of time, it is the person encompasses and converse into the right place.

DT: As a MLA representing people of Darjeeling, what do you think that you have the responsibilities towards the Darjeeling and its people?

MLA: As a matter of fact, what I feel, there are various way that a person does politics, what I feel at the present context is positive, constructive vision, so that your representation will be justified, So, what I am going to do, how I am going to justify to the people is by catering the local issues for example, water is the major problem, streets, employments etc.

DT: Recently you have completed 100 days as a MLA, did you evaluate your performance? Are you satisfied with your performances? What are the outcomes?

MLA: Well, Rome was not built in a day, so, it takes time. Well, if I have to assess the 100 days, what I would say is, well, people have sent me to the Assembly to ventilate the grievances for the better development of Darjeeling, society at large, when the first Assembly took place, pre budget session, I voiced lot of demands, such as Chungthung Tea Garden, which is locked tea garden….

DT: But problem has not been solved even after so many rounds of talk?

MLA: Yes, it has not been solved, it is chronic problem, well, it’s like Tuberculosis, and I can not say its Cancer. It takes time to cure, I got positive talks. With the amount of pressure I put, at least the rounds of talks are taking place, instead of being silent like other tea gardens. Something positive will take place. 

Other voice I raised was regarding youths, implementation and upgrading of colleges of Hills, introduction of post graduate studies subjects like English, Nepali, Geography, Tea technology, Business Administration….

DT: Recently St. Joseph’s College introduced the post graduate Studies in English, your voice at Assembly, was supportive?

MLA: No..No.. I can not say that, St. Joseph’s College authorities were doing lot of things since long. So, even in Assembly I raised the voice to upgrade the colleges of its infrastructure to cater higher studies, for the students who can not afford to go Siliguri or NBU for post graduate studies.