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Look at the attached pic
bdcf is a rectangle
so bd=fc=15 m
cd=fb=24 cm

the /__fae=90·
so fac=60·

if the angles=30,60,90
then ratio between the sides=x:x√3:2x
x= \frac{15}{ \sqrt{3} } = \frac{5* \sqrt{3} * \sqrt{3} }{ \sqrt{3} }  \\  \\ 
x=5 \sqrt{3}
total height of the pole=bf+af=5√3+24=32.66 m
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pick it as the best..if it helpz..
but the height of the second pole is 24m right ? not the first pole .....
then y hav u considered the height of the first pole to be 24 m ??
if im not mistaken ,...