Plant can grow without soil.If we provide the all minerals and correct amount of water can grow without is proved..we use Hydroponic containers for this process

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We know that to grow a plant soil is needed ,right? But not really ; Today Scientists have now developed gel-like substances that provide the root support and nutrients needed by plants to grow. These gels were originally introduced to help with tissue culture. Tissue culture is a form of plant reproduction in which pieces of plants (as small as one cell) are placed in a special, gel-like growing media full of all the necessary nutrients and hormones needed for growth. In the right environment, the cells will multiply and differentiate to form a new plant. It is a way to produce a lot of new plants from one or even part of one parent plant. Eventually the plant's roots and top growth will become large enough that it is not practical to use gel to provide the necessary support or nutrients, and at that point, the plants are transplanted into soil.