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Social exclusion is the situation where poor section of the society is not given adequate attention in economic,social and cultural environment of the country.poverty is the main cause of such scenario but thus also causes poverty itself.The affluent and rich section of the society gets their interest taken care off as they can approach government to voice their opinion in their opinion in government's policy decisions.This is not applicable to poor sections of the society due to their inadequate representation in governance structure of the country
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I) According to this concept, poverty must be seen in terms of the poor having to live only in a poor surrounding with other poor people, excluded from enjoying social equality of better -off people in better surroundings.
ii) Social exclusion can be both a cause as well as a consequence of poverty in the usual sense.
iii) Broadly, it is a process through which individuals or groups are excluded from facilities, benefits and opportunities that others enjoy .
iv) A typical example is the working of the caste system in India in which people belonging to certain castes are excluded from equal opportunities.
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