Aim; to show that plants prepare food
appartus;a potted plant ,koh pellets,wide mouthed bottle,spilt cork,iodine solution
procedure;for destarching we need to keep the palnt in dark room for the removal of starch from the leaves
arrange the apparatusas ;
keep the potted plant and take one of leaf among them 
keep the half of portion of leaf in wide mouthed bottle and cork itwhich contains koH soultion
note;the leaf should not touch the koh soultion
leave the plant near the sunlight
after few hours test the leaf for starch with iodine solution
observation;the part of leaf which was exposed to the sunlight is turned black,and other is not turned.
infernce;starch is prepared by plants

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Take potted plant and put plant in dark for 2 days, so that all starch in leafs exhaustible.
 take two thin cardboard. tie this cardboard with one leaf of the plant both the side of it. leave a pot in sunlight for one day.
next day break leaf and remove cardboard. wash the leaf fist boiling water and then with alcohol so that all green colour of leaf will put some iodine drops on leaf surface.
you observe that the part of leaf which is under the cardboard is not appear black in colour after adding the iodine solution on it because it not contain starch in it
which prove that leaves make food for the plant
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