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Raj: I think that the age for voting should be lowered.

Jeet: Do you really? 

Raj: Yes i think young people mature faster these days.

Jeet: But some youngsters aren't that matured,i suppose.

Raj: How do you say?

Jeet: Now a days youths are driven towards pleasure and comforts and this may lead them to develop some interest in money.

Raj: Whats a big deal in it?

Jeet: Leaders these days obtain votes by unlawful ways mainly by giving money and buying votes.As youths are more fond of money they tend to vote for a wrong person.

Raj: Yes i agree.But it doesn't happens in all cases.There are many youths who are very devoted to the nation and works for its progression.

Jeet: I think,if the age for voting should be lowered then the age of leaders standing in election should also be reduced as youths are more interested in contesting in election than voting it.

Raj: yeah i agree.As a whole young people may bring drastic change which leads to our nations development and prosperity.