A: i think that the age for voting should be lowered
B: do you, really think so?
A:ya i do.dont you think so??
B:no i dont think so as after 18 years only a person becomes mentally and phisically able to make or take a dicision.before that most of their dicissions are influenced by either their parents or i think the age of voting shouldnt be lowered.
A:by that point of view i agree with you.but i think we youth are much more intelligent than those adults and if we would be granted to give vote then we can change the current situation of our country
B:every one thinks like that but nothing happens in reality and if you want to change the situation then you will have to change yourself lowering of the age of voting cant help in it
A:i think you are right anyway i am getting late for my tution classes so bye talk to you later