Identify the segment which is incorrect in each of the sentences:
i (A) These machines (b) are destroying (c) our ability (d) of thinking.
ii (a) My new job (b) takes me (c)almost to every part (d)of the world.
iii (a) Please ask your staff (b)if anybody of them (c)has seen (d)my laptop.
iv (a) Would you please (b) send me (c)more information (d)about the accommodation?
v (a) These days I (b)generally take my breakfast (c)at seven because (d)I had waked up at six.



I  (b) are destroying 
ii (a) My new job 
iii  (c)has seen
iv (a) Would you please 
v .(d)I had waked up at six.
I. (d) of thinking. It should be to think. ii. (c) almost to every part. It should be to almost every part. iii. (b) if anybody of them. Of them is unnecessary. iv. I' m not sure about this one. v. (d) I had waked up at six. It should be I wake up at six. :)