Raj : Don't you think so?
Jeet : No,I don't think so as after 18 years  only a person becomes mentally and phisically able to make or take a decision before that most of their decissions are influenced by either their parents or friends. So,I think the age of voting shouldn't be lowered.
Raj : Well,what a good idea. By that point of view I agree with you. But I think we youth are much more intelligent than those adults and if we would be granted to
 give vote then we can change the current situation
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cont. to change yourself lowering of the age of voting can't help in it.
Jeet : Every one thinks like that but nothing happens in reality and if you want.
Jeet-but it does not mean that we are responsible enough to decode about the future of country.
Raj- but we can make our own decisions.
Jeet- ya, but sometimes we r wrong. For perfect decisions we should understand the situation of world. We should have experience for making decisions.
Raj - nowadays youngsters r facing difficulties. We know about the world's condition by social networks.
Jeet - most of the students r committing suicide due to silly reasons then how can u say so. Raj - ya.. Its right but government should discuss about this matter.