Anne Frank is the narrator and writer of "The Diary of a Young Girl". She was thirteen when she began writing. Anne is very outspoken and before moving to the secret annex, she was very popular at her school with both girls and boys.She loved to read and to study and wanted to be a ' Writer' when she grew up. Margot Frank, Anne's sister was 3 years older than Anne.She always seemed to be quieter and more serious than Anne. Margot too maintained a diary.She was excellent in studies. She and Anne grew closer throughout the course of their hiding. Anne was closer to Peter than she was to Margot and she shared her hopes and fears with him. Margot got on better with her parents and Anne felt the pressure to be as good and sweet to everyone as Margot was.Peter Van Daan was the fifteen year old son of the Van Daan family, the other family who was hiding with the Franks in the secret annex.Anne at first found Peter to be weak and boring.But, when they began to talk to each other and opened up to each other they form a strong bond.Anne falls in love with Peter and he probably falls in love with her too in return.He gave Anne her first kiss. But, eventually Anne gets frustrated with him because he did not like religion and Anne began to feel that he was clinging to her. Peter never tried to improve his weak nature because he found it easier not to make an effort.Anne who was in a constant state of internal conflicts and self improvement could not respect this.Peter and Margot did not share a very close relationship.
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