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Grand ma - Hey  Son !!.. what u r doing??
Grandson - I m playing Computer games.
Grandma - Why don't u go out and play the games , it will make u fit.
Grandson - Grannie, it's depend on my mood. I vil go  if i want to ...
Grandma- Son, i knw it's depend on ur mood bt, u should be fit, U knw wat we does in our times.
Grandson - what are the things grannie..
Grandma - we used to go out for jogging and playing , in early morning and we used to do a lot fun on coming to home.

Grandson- Woww.!!!! grannniee... that's so cool..

Grandson - From now onwards, I vil too go nd have fun. I knw the times changes bt we should have fun at outsides.
Grandma- Ok !! Ok !!! dear.. Go But Keep in mind that u.. should be safe in Playing games.
Grandson - Ok Grannie  Byeee.... Love u....
Grand Ma -.. love u too Son...
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Grandma: What are you doing here?

Grandson: Do you know about facebook,granny?

Grandma: What ? facebook? no my son .I have only heard about maths book,physics book and many subject related book.What is that facebook?

Grandson: Granny,Facebook is a social networking site which helps us to communicate with friends.

Grandma: But son why don't you make your neighborhood as friends and play outdoor games rather than talking to unknown.

Grandson: But everyone in this current world looks for friends only in fb than in reality.We don't wish to play games outside.

Grandma: This is not good my son.In our times we used to chat with our friends and play together with them.And this taught us many things in later life like modifying and adjusting oneself for others.So try to spend time with society rather than in social networks.

Grandson :Ok granny.I will surely try.
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