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Kabuliwala is a beautiful story written by Rabindra Nath Tagore which features the loving bond between Mini and the kabuliwala(Rahmat).he story is set up in the background of Kolkata and it portrays some events that took place in the twentieth century.The story is about a five year old girl who develops a strong bond of friendship with a kabuliwala named Rehamt, who  treats her as his own daughter as he misses his daughter who is living in Kabul.He gives Mini lots of dry fruits,grapes,walnuts etc. and cleverly wins her heart. He had come to another place to make a living and wasn't able to see much of his family or daughter. He commits some murder when he is not paid the for the purchase of a wolleen garment and is imprisoned for many years, When he is released and goes to to the girl's house, he finds that she is being married, seeing him cry, the girl's father gives him some money so that he can go back to his own daughter. The story is very touching as it unveils the emotions of a father, and a different kind of friendship. Thank you.
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