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Mathematics is the easiest subject and the most interesting one too if u understand the basic concepts. Once you're strong in the basics, the tougher sums will become easily solvable. 
When a chapter is taught, make sure that u understand the concept first and then proceed to the sum. Don't jump into sums directly. Try solving sums on your own. If you find that to be difficult go through the solution of the sum, nicely understand it ,  close the solution, do the sum now and repeat it until you get it right without getting stuck anywhere. Practice the sums , doesn't matter if u run out of sums, do them daily........
(This is what I did to get a centum)
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Just see Mathematics as a friend... dont think to memories the part or formula.. just try to understand the logic and how they framed formula.. Try to understand maths as pictorial format.. if u can understand the core of maths.. surly u ll proceed further… 
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