In a survey, 21 people liked product A, 26 liked product B and 29 liked product C. 14 people liked both A and B. 12 liked C and A. 14 liked B and C and 8 liked all the three products. How many liked the product C only?

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People like A=n(A)=21
People like B=n(B)=26
People like C=n(C)=29
People like both A and B=n(A{intersection}B)=14
People like both A and C=n(A{intersection}C)=12
People like both B and C=n(B{intersection}C)=14
People like  A,B and C=n(A{intersection}B{intersection}C)=8
people who like only C=n(C)-n(A{intersection}C)-n(B{intersection}C)+n(A{intersection}B{intersection}C=29-12-14+8=11

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