One of my favorite site is I love this site very much. It is great answering interesting questions on it just like I am answering yours...! It is also helpful for increasing my knowledge. It is also improving my grammar. Giving answers from my self, creating them from by brilliant mind.. is making my mind more brilliant..... I love English.. and so I love giving answers in English.. Its just not improving my grammar.. But I am able to find new words in my word bank. I love writing about the world I want to grow up in.. sometimes writing the formats of notice, informal letter sometimes format of formal letters. And today I am writing about my favorite website in answer to your question. Isn't it great to feeling that you get by helping others.... So its a great experience for me..... Tell me isn't it great?
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himm will u pls check my answer if thr is any gramatical error or not cozu r grammer is strong!;)
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Everyday we use internet,we go through many sites.We notice some while,while we forget names of some.But one of my favourite site is Brainly is a company based in Cracow,Poland.The main of this site is to help students with their homeowrks.The main mission of this site is” to inspire students to learn and explore knowledge in a collaborative community".

There many many ranks given to users starting from Begginer,Helping Hand,Ambitious,Virtuoso,Expert,Ace ,Genius and so on.Here I can ask question when I have problems or difficulties with my homework.Many subjects are available here.I can also answer questions as I am helping other users by this.I really hated History I used to mug up everything one day before History exam.But when I started answering questions on Brainly in History then I ofund that History is interesting,its just like a story  read it and frame it in your way.

Now I really love History and also I have got many best answers in History.I used to thought sometimes that I am only the child facing too many problems in Maths  but no-I was wrong I found many other users too dealing with the same problem.Also my English has improved a lot on Brainly.I have came to know many new words and I am learning more and more.Thus I want to tell that Brainly has really helped me in my studies and I really want to thank the creator or founder of this  amazing site.Thank you

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