I want to grow up in a world which is always welcoming me, accepting me as I am. not discrimination on the basis of caste, sex, color, religion etc. No prejudices... no bad words, where everyone is getting equal chances. Where there is green everywhere, where there is sanitation every where. I just want such a world.... And I hope it becomes true one day......!
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I want to grow up in a world where therez no pollution.............becoz when i wake up i have a habit of seeing outside the window in the morning when i see outside the window i dont find chirping of birds but i only find noise pollution.......when i have head ache i usually go to the park....and feel good but now i feel more head ache becoz of noise pollution.........every where in the world i find pollution!!pollution!!pollution!!........if i c god any day i will ask god a pollution free world

hope this helps a bit!!  :) :)
want more inforamtion on the world I would like to grow up in