A People's Republic is typically a Marxist or socialist one-party state that claims to govern on behalf of the people.Populism is another umbrella term for various political tendencies that claim to represent the people, usually with an implication that they serve the common people instead of the elite.Chapter One, Article One of the Charter of the United Nations states that peoples have the right to self-determination.
n criminal law, in certain jurisdictions, criminal prosecutions are brought in the name of the People. Several U.S. states, including CaliforniaIllinois, and New York, use this style.[2] Citations outside the jurisdictions in question usually substitute the name of the state for the words "the People" in the case captions.[3]Four states — MassachusettsVirginiaPennsylvania, and Kentucky — refer to themselves as the Commonwealth in case captions and legal process.[4] Other states, such as Indiana, typically refer to themselves as the State in case captions and legal process. Outside the United States, criminal trials in Ireland and thePhilippines are prosecuted in the name of the people of their respective states.
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The world literacy means human beings. the people of the country are its valuable resources if they are healthy skilled and educated. no economic activity is possible without people(humans). it works as labour, management and entrepreneur in all the economic activities and as such it is indispencible factor of production human resource or people resource is different from other resources on the following:
human resource is living active and sensitive factor of production.
human resource extracts work and activities other factors .
human resource is indispensible factor of production.
human resource refers to the population of a country and the efficiency , productivity, skill and far sightedness of its inhabitants.
the economic rate can be achieved in a faster rateif we are healthy and competent enough.
health makes an individual healthy active energetic and efficient work force.

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