The caring old people organisation needs money to build the old age home which requires 1,64,000 bricks which measure 10cm x 8cm x 4cm and cost of brick depends on its volume at the rate of Rs 1 per 100 cm3. It requires 4 cylindrical cans of paint of radius 14 cm and height 30 cm. The cost of paint is Rs 1 per 20 cm3. How much money is required by organisation if a company gives the money to organisation then what common value is depicted by a company and organisation ?



By caluclating the volume of1,64,000 bricks we get10×8×4×164000=52480000 cm³

Then the cost of these bricks will be 52480000÷100=Rs.524800

Cost of painting the bricks is 52480000÷20=Rs.2624000

By adding the cost of bricks and cost of painting the bricks we get 

Therefore Rs.3148800 is the answer.

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