9 th class cbse
Q1. describe the difference between before and after 17 th century in women of the europe .(history)
Q.2 mention powers and functions of parliament of India. ( politics)
Q.3. rights are reasonable plains of person recoznised by society and santioned by law ? why ?
Q.4. give any 2 features of pre monsoon showers experience in India. ( geography )

plzzz give me answers for all the questions . not one . plzz . it's urgent guys

In Q.1, Did you mean ...before and after 17th century of women in Europe?


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4}Mango showers, or ‘mango rains’, is a colloquial term to describe the occurrence of pre-monsoon rainfall. Sometimes these rains are referred to generically as ‘April rains’ or ‘Summer showers’. They are notable across much of South and Southeast Asia, including India, and Cambodia.These rains normally occur from March, although their arrival is often difficult to predict. Their intensity can range from light showers to heavy and persistent thunderstorms. In India, the mango showers occurs as the result of thunderstorm development over the Bay of Bengal.Towards the close of the summer season,pre-monsoon showers are common especially,in Kerala and Karnataka in India.They help in the early ripening of mangoes,and often referred to as 'mango showers'.
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