To draw a right angled scalene triangle use the following steps 
a) Draw a line AB say 5 cm
b) Draw a perpendicular from point A and on the perpendicular mark a point less that the length of the base say 4 cm.
c) Join AC. ABC is the triangle

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Scalene right angled triangle
One right angle
Two other unequal angles
No equal sides .


⇒ take base 3cm
mark line segment as a and b
⇒ now a as center measure 90 degrees
⇒a as center draw up to 4 cm  then as mark as c
now join c and b
now it is scalene right angled triangle.

ab = 3cm , ac = 4 cm , bc = 5 cm and angle a is 90 degrees
 hence Δ abc is scalene right angled triangle.

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