Aggressive Nationalism: 
It means the Nationalism that blindly influenced the racial pride and arrogance of the people. The people who feel proud of their race bend to aggressive feelings.
Responsibility to First World War: 
 ¤  Newly Independent Nations (of 19th Century) like Germany and Italy have changed the balance of power in Europe.
 ¤  On account of intense nationalism and racial feeling the relations between Germany and England were worsened.
 ¤  England become restless with the growing naval power of Germany.
 ¤  Both England and Germany were anxious to establish their supremacy over the world which led to fierce armed area between them.
 ¤  They became bitter enemies.
 ¤  Trouble spots rose on Africa and Asia and particularly in Balkans.
 ¤  Due to loss of Alsace and Lorraine to France rivalry developed between Germany and France.
 ¤  The Italians who were still under Austrian rule aspired the independence.
 ¤  Gradually the entire Europe turned into a tinder box and led to first world war.
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