Coldest -Drass
Hottest-thar desert
Rainiest-Mausynram in meghalaya

Factors affecting the Indian climate

1 ocean currents
2 Himalayan mountains
3 Distance from the sea
4 Lattitude
5 Altitude
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The coldest place of India is -Drass and Kargil in( Jammu and Kashmir)
The hottest part of India is-Jaisalmar and Bikaner in (Rajasthan)
The rainiest part of India is - Mawsynram in Meghalaya

The Factors that affect the climate of India are-
1)Altitude/Height of the Place
2) Distance from Sea

3)Location of a place
4)Releif / Type of Landform
5)Latitudinal Extent
6) Himalayan Mountains