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Monsoon is also known as rainy season.It brings rain.
Merits-1.Children enjoy playing in monsoon especially making paper boats.
          2.It gives a smile on farmer's face as they depend on rain for their crops.

Demerits-1.The streets and roads are full of water.
               2.Drains are chocked and place becomes dirty.
               3.It becomes a breeding ground for insects.
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Merits of Monsoon :
Agriculture in India is rain fed. so monsoon is a great help to the farmers.
⇒ it is also a great help to the buffalo herders as the buffaloes like the marshy and swampy areas with monsoon climate
Demerits of Monsoon :
it is not a big help to the sheep herders because monsoon climate are not desirable for sheeps
⇒ Monsoon climate is not a favorite of many people as it disturbs their travel plans.
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