Importance of Lok sabha :
it plays an important role in law making process.
the money bill can only be introduced by the lok sabha.
⇒ the council of ministers are responsible only for the lok sabha.
Importance of rajya sabha :
⇒ the council of ministers are also answerable to the rajya sabha
⇒ it can investigate on any government affairs.
⇒ they take part in the elections of president and vice president in India

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Lok sabha ;- It is one of the strongest house than Rajya sabha. There are 545 members in lok sabha .It has more powers than Rajya sabha. The term of yrs is 5 yrs .It is known as "lower house " Law making is the main function of the Parliament and in this field the Lok Sabha plays an important role. All types of bills can originate in the Lok Sabha and if a bill is moved in and passed by the Rajya Sabha, it has to come to the Lok Sabha for its approval.....Rajya Sabha :- The total number of seats in Rajya sabha are 245. The term of year is 6yrs . It is known as " Upper house ". The Rajyasabha is an integral part of the Indian Parliament. Since the main responsibility of the Parliament is to make laws hence the Rajyasabha takes part in the making of laws except Money Bill all Bills can originate in the Rajyasabha. No Bill can become a law unless agreed to by both the Houses. At the time of joint sitting the Speaker of the Lok Sabha presides. The Lok Sabha by itself cannot pass a Bill & send it to the President for his assent. In case of discouragement between the two Houses on a Bill or on the amendments made in the Bill, President has been empowered to summon a joint meeting of the two Houses for the purpose of deliberating & voting on the Bills. At a joint sitting question are decided by a majority of the members of both Houses present & voting. A decision taken at a joint sitting shall mean the decision of both Houses.
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