If you mean: What is the formula for pressure?
Then the answer to that would be: Pressure = Force/Area
The Force is applied by the body and the Area is the total area of the object.

The Pressure Formula is given by Pressure = Density x Gravity x Height

The Pressure Formula is used to calculate pressure, force, area, density, height and gravity if some of these quantities are given. Pressure is expressed in Pascal (Pa).

We already know that the Pressure is defined as Force acting on per unit area.
P = Force/A
We should also know that the Thrust is a type of force.
Pressure for Fluids.
We have to find the volume of the column of fluid covering by the cylindrical shape.
V = Area of cross section x height
V = A x h     .....(1)
Thrust on the cylindrical column = Weight of the fluid
= m x g
= (V x d) x g             (since, m = V x d)
Since Thrust = (A x h) x d x g          [from equation (1)]
But, Pressure = Thrust/Area
So, P = Ahdg/A = hdg
Therefore Pressure due to a fluid column = P = hdg.
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