The system of binomial nomenclature was proposed by Carolus Linneaus (1707 – 1778). Conventions of writing biological name are as follows:
1. The biological name is composed of two terms. The first term is called genetic name and the second term is called species name.
2. The genus name starts with a capital letter, while the species name starts with a small letter.
3. In print, the scientific name is written in italics.
4. When handwritten, the genus name and species name need to be underlined separately.
nomenclature mean system of naming in two parts
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Nomenclature means naming anything. It is important so that we can call it with a definite name.
The scientific name of living beings is nomenclature. and the method of naming an organism is called binomial nomenclature. mostly while working in a lab it is very important to work with different names for different organisms. for example : lion is called panthero leo. and for humans its callled homo sapiens.