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Changes in women's clothing after the war was :- 1) Long skirts for the women were shortened beacause this collected the dirt in the ground.. 2) corsets were banned beacause it affected their women's health...3) Now womens could were the dress which they found comfortable and loose .....4) They started to cut their hairs like men and started to go to factories where they could work...This changes took place after the war !!
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due to the two world wars, men  were busy in their military camps while women were forced to earn a living. so they were employed in factories which brought a change in their clothing. they wore a uniform of blouse and trousers with scarves
which was replaced by khaki caps and overalls. bright colors were avoided and obly sober colors were won as the war didn't come to an end for a long time. clothes became simpler and plainer. skirts became shorter. which was also a symbol of professionalism.

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