annual day celebrations.
                       this report is to inform you that about our annul day celebrations. already we had celebrated three annual days successfuly. its our forth coming annual day clebrations . we were existed to  say that we are going to celebrated it on 26 of march 2015. by evening 6.00 pm it wiil be started  and our august chef guest was xxxxxx, he wiil reach by 6.30. we all should invite  our chef guest in tradionaly . and he wiill spend his vauble time with us . and our guest of houner is present ips offecer . proggrrram wiil started by lithing lamps by our guests.
    and distribution of prizes wiil be cotinued after the classical dances by some temes .      and winners in games are all will be gifted . and continued with dances and songs.  and inspiring sppeches will be given  to the students. and followed by cultureral events . and school will arrange requirements for all. the them of our annul day is histroy . and vote of thanks will be given by our staff membrers. all are invited,.        
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                       ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATION MEETING                                                                       :BY AKIRA RAY
Sir,this is Akira Ray the Cuktural Secretary and I am here to tell you about the meeting held for the forth coming annual day celebration.It has been decided that the chief guest(D.I.G Anwar Singh)will be reaching the event by will be welcomed traditionally by tika.Then he will cut the ribbon and declare the fourth annual day celebration open.The event will be started by a prayer dance representing the Indian culture by class 7th students.Then there will a music performance by the school band i.e lead by Shivam and Ria.Next we have small skit on Akbar and Birbal which will be conducted by class 4th students.Many other programme slike-aeronics,ring dance and so on will be conducted.The event will be ended by the prize distribution and the concluding speech by the Chief guest and Principal.
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