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Essay is one of the basic part of writing section in English and so it should be written by yourself.I had written some lines which will help you to frame your essay.You can extract or add more lines in it.
Poverty is the condition or state of being poor.I t is very comman in India.Many Indians come below this poverty line.We need to improve their living conditions.I totally don’t agree that poverty is not a  hindrance for education as many people (poor people) make their wards work in farms and fields  etc with them.Due to this they are unable to go to school and get education.So by this we can say that yes there is a hindrance.But to avoid this government has played a major role.To improve their conditions government has made many law and orders like children under age of 14 have the right to achieve education.They can’t be forced to work.Also now awareness about education is being spread all over the villages in India by many NGOs,making it easy fdor government to stablish their programmes.Thus,people are understanding the importance of education and so poverty is not a hindrance for education.  

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