monsoon is considered as an unifying bond because indian farmers depend on monsoon for the purpose of irrigation of crops. the monsoon is unique in the indian subcontinent. agriculture in india is rain fed. so the monsoon plays an important role in agriculture. the monsoon plays a vital role in uniting people as they are the part and parcels of festivals which involves sowing and harvesting of crops. therefore the monsoon evokes a sense of unity.
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so what should i do now?..
can u tell me what is the meaning of unifyign bond?
it means that it is a factor that unites people or things...
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Yes monsoon or rain is regarded or considered as unifying bond because it brings rainfall,as the Indian farmers mostly depend on rain for their irrigation purposes.It brings a smile on their faces.But if this rain does not comes on time their crops are wasted and is a great loss for them.
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