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Everybody has an aim in life. All of us should be clear about the aim in our life. We may get difficulties in getting the aim we want but we have to go ahead at any cost. have already fixed my aim in life and i.e. becoming a doctor. A doctor lives a noble life and is respected by all.I am interested in biology and so i want to be a doctor.I would help the needy ones.

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A man without an aim, is like a ship without a destination. Every single person must have an aim. I too have aimed to be a doctor. A doctor is not just a professional but someone who gives a new life to others, someone not less important than god. It is a profession of great respect and nobility. To become a doctor one needs to work hard.

Sure without hard work,you can't taste success. I too swear that I will work hard to achieve my aim. I will devote my life to the service of the needy and sick. I just hope god will help me on my journey towards goal.

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Yes surely god will help u to reach ur goal
thanx...I hope so too :))