First draw a circle and mark a mid point.
Take the percentages if the percentages are not given.
Suppose you have to draw a pie chart where there are different amounts of different fruits.
Apples are 6, oranger are 4 and bananas are 2.
the total would be 12 fruits.
so to find the percentage first take 6.
50% are apples.
now take 50/100*360
so 180 degrees is what you get.
now starting from the middle  of the circle to the left take a protractor and measure 180 degrees and mark.
Do the same for the rest-
4/12*100= 33.3 which can  be taken as 33.
then from the ending line of the first column (180) take 33 degrees on the protractor and mark.
Because 3 measurements are given it is obvious that the left out portion is of the bananas.
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Drawing pie chart is very easy.
You can see the attached picture to know how to draw a pie chart.