I can give u some ideas---- the earth is the only planet which has the blessing of nature. Nature is really a magic. Which is done by the god. God has created everything so beautifuly, that we have to admire. Let's take India only the nature is like an angel in the kashmir. Although its very cold their but when we look at the nature we forget all the cold. And we have kerala also the gods own country. I think I don't need to tell about it any more as the title gods own country tell everything. The beauty of Arabian sea is adds kerala's beauty. And when we see the greenery, it seems like the word green is derived from here. One man who is very angry, feels relaxed in his garden. Is it not a magic!!! Ya, it is. Changing the mood of a person without speaking is really a tough job. The variety of animals also explain about nature's magic. Like almost hundred colourful varieties of birds. But I don't think that we would be able to enjoy nature's beauty anymore because of human activities.
Nature is a gift from god to is a phenomena of physical world and also life.
the study of nature is called as science.
science tells us how beautiful is our  nature and v need to respect it.eath is d only planet on which life exists and humans and othr organisms live on earth.
peopl throw garbage around v are d ones who r suppose to b blamed for d unclean nature.we need to make changes in our environment.nature refers to d living being animals and plants.nature is nothing but the world around us,except for human made is vry huge dat if humans destroy ourselves and other life forms der wil  stil b nature.nature cannot b destroyed.without nature we cannot live.wen need water air food etc to is an awesome creation of god .beautiful greenary of trees,various cute and different structure of flowers,garden,banks of rivers and ocean,sunrise,sunset,various seasons and different features of bird and animal and so on cannot b explained in words...dats how beautiful dey are and a beautiful gods creation.