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First of all u have to write your own home address then,city name then leave a line then,write date then leave a a line then write a name of a person to whom are u writing a letter.then leave line .then,start writing a letter first make points and then, frame paragraph"s. then ,leave a line,thanking u,then again leave a line our lovely daughter,sis .leave a line write your first name
Hi friend! the user who has asked the ques has given the subject Hindi so u should also give the answer is hindi!
We say informal letter as anoupcharik pak in hindi. First we have to write our address I mean the sender's address. Then after living one line we have to write date. And leaving next line, we have to write salutation. Usually we use words such as priya while writing letter to brother, sister, cousin, friend etc but otherwise we use pujya type words while writing to father, mother, uncle etc. Then comes the content. It should be written in easy language so that we can convey the message clearly. Then we have to write conclusion and then your name.