It may be too far out of proportion. The tanks are highly mobile vehicles which can run off-road and hence should apply a pressure on the roads much less than does a typical automobile tire. 

None of the tanks in the world exceeded 70 tonnes and none exceeded 20 psi road-contact pressure. I believe the current heaviest are U.S. M103, 57 tonnes; UK FV214, 66 tonnes; and USSR T4, 57 tonnes.

By the way, the heaviest chain crawler on earth is probably the 4 pairs that carry one of the U.S. Space Shuttles to a launch pad. With over 2000 tonnes of load, the 4 pairs of chains run at max 1.6 Km/h on a well packed road surface but with a very thick layer of loose small rocks.
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As force of friction is directly proportional to the mass
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